Objectives :

  • Provide a web presence to present the untainted history of India. The history of India is long and the memory of Indians related to its history is short !!!   or so it seems. Over the long chequered history of India, there have been multiple attempts to  present this long history in not the full entirety, but tainted and distorted so that is helpful to promote the cause of the those in political power. This is seen in multiple ways including mostly in the way the next generation of Indians learn about its history from the school text books and the general public discourse.
  • Provide Web Support/ web presence to NGO’s, individuals who are contributing to the society quietly.Promotion of rich content in an ad-free / child-safe setting.
  • RTI Results Library, a repository for storing results from RTI (Right to Information) results on the web.
  • NGO-net to enable efficient use of resources by sharing / pooling of resources and effort by promoting information sharing across the volunteer base.
  • Good Deeds : You feel like you can devote your time, money for a worthy cause, and are looking for reliable Organizations / Causes , we can help you link up with best using our list of NGOs/ Volunteers focussing on your areas of interest.

Web Support:

The web and the web 2.0 technologies provide an unparallelled opportunity to share our ideas and thoughts with the rest of the world. There has been an explosion of blogs, sites that provide a varierty of content . However, most of these sites also have a very distracting bunch of advertisements. Not all of these ads are pertinent to the content and also not suitable for all age groups.

This is an attempt to ensure that the credible and rich content that is available outside the web in the regular media is also web-enabled in an ad-free , kid-safe setup.

Currently, the following sites are supported :


RTI Results Library

Provide a repository to share the results of RTI queries that have been filed by the general public. The idea is to make sure the information obtained from the replies is available for others who are interested in the same or similar information and does not just lie with the filer of the RTI query. This is specially applicable to all the queries where the information has been provided by the concerned agency / department either by providing a CD or by a link to a web resource hosting the information.


To start with , we will use a simple process. If you have filed an RTI and have obtained the information in electronic form, you can send us an email at with the details of the results.We will post the information containing the links to the results as a new post on this blog with the right keywords that will allow for easier search.

About RTI

There are a lot of organizations and websites that provide basic information about RTI and how to use this powerful tool. Provided below are links to some of them. If you know about more sites do send us the details at, we will gladly add to this list.

NGO-network / Good Deeds

This is an attempt to create a network of NGOs and of volunteers who work with different NGOs, so that scarce resources are properly and efficiently utilised. While it is true that a lot voluntary organizations are doing a lot of good work independently, I have noticed that the resources  can be shared , efforts can be pooled to ensure that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

We intend to bring together here the NGOs, and volunteers with whom we have worked with directly and are trustworthy. This is still in its very initial process. Look out for updates.