Welcome To The aware Indian

Objectives :

Provide web presence to NGO's, individuals who are contributing to the society quietly.Promotion of rich content in an ad-free / child-safe setting.

RTI Library, a repository for storing results from RTI (Right to Information) results on the web.

NGO-net to enable efficient use of resources by sharing / pooling of resources and effort by promoting information sharing across the volunteer base.

Good Deeds/Joy of Giving : You feel like you can devote your time, money for a worthy cause, and are looking for reliable Organizations / Causes , we can help you link up with best using our list of NGOs/ Volunteers focussing on your areas of interest.


RTI Experience and Suggestions on framing the questions

I used RTI twice so far. In both cases, I would say that I had a good experience. The most important aspect is to frame the questions very precise and clear. The questions should ideally not be of the form to get an “Yes” or “No” answer. Rather, they should be to get some explanation/details.